I’m back to working on my paranormal/sci-fi/romance novel!  Just need to find some good references for Native beliefs.  That I can actually afford, that is!

on the cutting board


A to Z musicJPG

I have had this little book for many years. I don’t know how long the picture above, taken with my iPhone 6 on my kitchen cutting board, will appear here. There are one of those vile and silly copyright warnings inside forbidding reproduction by any means. I wonder if that would include me doing a bad drawing?  (I’ll try in a minute).

I have listened to various types of classical music since my childhood. My first clear memory was of my father taking the family to hear the Windsor (Ontario) Symphony play at the old Cleary Auditorium there. Probably about 1959 or 60. I loved the orchestral music. Especially the pieces that banged and crashed – heavy metal, classical style. My Dad would lean over and whisper to me….’imagine horses with their Riders heading into battle…. or imagine waves roaring against shoreline rocks…..

And I did. Since that time, whenever…

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